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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

lectures by mufti Ismail Menk

 I was by chance that I came accross the name of Mufti Ismail menk. It was the best find ever Alhamdollilah.
my knowledge has grown 10 fold. the talks are so understanding and mufti Ismail is trully insperational.
Read some of the wise quotes and pearls of wisdom or wacth and listern to the wonderfull talks.

Gratitude towards those who have benefited us in any way is a duty upon true believers. We are taught to recompense them with similar goodness if not better. If we are unable to do much, then at least we should say "Jazakallahu Khairan" May the Almighty recompense you with goodness!. This is a beautiful supplication that will benefit them and that we will be rewarded for. Praying for them without ...them knowing is also something we are taught. The best supplication that can be made for others is that which they do not know about as the sincerity levels would most likely be higher. Also, if we cannot benefit those who have benefited us in any way then the minimum is that we should not harm them. Satan makes people easily forget the goodness others have done to them whereas a droplet of bad is never forgotten & can override decades of goodness. Harming those who have helped us is not only unacceptable but displays a very low level of spirituality & character. Let us never forget their goodness.